Mama Starr has been on line since 2006 when she started Mama Starr has had the prayer house for the last fifteen years located at home in Texas. She has been teaching in the Houston area since 2006 and decided it was time to have a brick and mortar store in her own state. Mama Starr was initiated in August of 2020 in the 21 Division by her Godfather Papa Hector Salva. Two weeks before her initiation Mama Starr’s Style was born. Mama Starr wanted to have a place for the community to come together. Mama Starr is a two headed root women so the store is built around conjure but there is a variety of products for all paths. All are welcome at Mama Starr’s Style LLC! Come join us!

Raised in the Southern culture of the Deep South Starr holds onto the values of her ancestors. She is a traditional Conjure woman with FOUR living generations of workers and 2 generations that have passed on. For over 40 years, veteran Rootworker Starr Casas, has been helping folks through her ancestral heritage of Old Style Conjure works. She is the best-selling author of THE CONJURE WORKBOOK VOL. 1: WORKING THE ROOT published through Pendraig Publishing and Old Style Conjure and Divination Conjure published through Red Wheel Weiser. She is also the author of many bestselling self-published titles on Old Style Conjure such as Working With the Bible &, Roots Herbs and More. Mama Starr is also a teacher and offers hands on teaching to folks; contact her for more information or check out the events calendar.


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