Workshop Schedule

11:30-11:45 Opening Prayer


12:00-1:00 Mambo Sandy

The power of spiritual cooking and baking

Food has the power to heal, spark romance, and nurture people.

Mambo Sandy has been in the kitchen with elders since a child.

With spiritual guidance and training from her godfather Papa Hector

 Mambo Sandy learned a deeper meaning, behind ingredients used in cooking.

You walk away with a deeper appreciation of the culinary arts after this class.

 Mambo Sandy will give a few powerful recipes for money tranquility, attraction and romance.


30 Minute break


  1:30-2:30 Mama Mambo Tt


Saint Martha the Dominator

In this class join Mama Mambo Tt and learn

Who is St Martha

What she does

How to Care for Her

What not to do

A special petition lamp



Lunch 2:30 – 3:00


3:00- Spiritual Message Service

Papa Hector leading the Misa



During this special service, professional Mediums will deliver messages from your Spirit Guides and Ancestors of healing, guidance and help.

A Spiritual Message Service, known as a Misa or Sesión, is a ritual in which the good spirits are given a space to communicate with the living in an open and safe forum.



November 8th

Opening Prayer

11:00-12:00 Papa Hector

Papa Gede Masterclass

Papa Gede is a spirit of immense power, mystery and magic.

During this class you’ll learn

Who is Papa Gede

Why he’s important

How to approach and work with him

A special working with Papa Gede


12:00-12:30 Break


12:30-1:30 Mama Starr Casas

Laying Down Tricks

Understanding the concept of laying down a trick

Why we lay tricks

The secrets behind the work

How to be successful at trick laying

The responsibility of laying down a trick